In Weal And WOe - Catalepsy (6) - Scream (Vinyl)

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In Weal And WOe - Catalepsy (6) - Scream (Vinyl) - the

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  2. Since , he's released music under the alias Vinyl Williams. After three albums released on No Pain In Pop (Lemniscate, ) and Chaz Bundick's Company (Into, , Brunei, ), Vinyl Williams has joined French label Requiem Pour Un Twister for his fourth album: Opal.
  3. Symptoms include a rigid body, rigid limbs, limbs staying in same position when moved (waxy flexibility), no response, loss of muscle control, and slowing down of bodily functions, such as Catalepsy is a symptom of certain nervous disorders or conditions such as Parkinson's disease and is also a characteristic symptom of cocaine withdrawal, as well as one of the Specialty: Psychiatry.
  4. catalepsy [kat´ah-lep″se] a condition of diminished responsiveness usually characterized by a trancelike state and constantly maintained immobility, often with cerea flexibilitas. Affected individuals may remain in one position for minutes, days, or even longer. adj., adj catalep´tic. Catalepsy may accompany any of several different mental illnesses.
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