Mortar Defense - Vorator - Extermination March (Cassette, Album)

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Mortar Defense - Vorator - Extermination March (Cassette, Album) - useful

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  1. Extermination March by VORATOR, released 06 March 1. Road to Oblivion (intro) 2. Chemical Nightmare 3. Mortar Defense 4. Nuclear Poisoning 5. Streets of Düsseldorf 6. Aerial Bombardment 7. Respiratory Failure 8. The Siege Mixed and mastered by John Angelo Recorded by Leland Hoth in
  2. Recording information: Recorded by Leland Hoth in in Richmond, Va. Cassette Mix / Master: Leland Hoth Digital Mix / Master: John Angelo.
  3. VORATOR Vorator - live at the golden pony '15 by Vorator, released 15 July 1. Mortar Defense (live '15) 2. Supposed to Rot (live Entombed cover) 2 songs recorded live at the golden pony from the Vorator / Triac / Earthling gig. Not sure who recorded the set, if you know them shoot us an email.
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