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  1. They definition is - those ones: those people, animals, or things. How to use they in a sentence. Can they be used as an indefinite subject?
  2. Jul 31,  · They definition, nominative plural of he, she, and it1: He needed a ride, and she had her car, so they left together. See more.
  3. Oct 09,  · They love making modern twists on traditional cuisine. Also keep in mind that, while singular they widely takes a plural verb, someone individuals who identify as nonbinary may individually prefer using a singular verb with singular they: They cooks an amazing lasagna. If you don’t know someone’s preference, ask!
  4. They is taking on a new use, however: as a pronoun of choice for someone who doesn’t identify as either male or female. This is a different use than the traditional singular they, which is used to refer to a person whose gender isn’t known or isn’t important in the context, as in the example above.
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  6. The singular “they” is a generic third-person singular pronoun in English. Use of the singular “they” is endorsed as part of APA Style because it is inclusive of all people and helps writers avoid making assumptions about gender.
  7. A whirlwind Christmas romance builds as cynical Dash and optimistic Lily trade notes in a book they pass back and forth in locations around New York. Vampires vs. the Bronx. Three gutsy kids from a rapidly gentrifying Bronx neighborhood stumble upon a sinister plot to Number Of Seasons: 1.

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